Education costs money, but then so does ignorance.

Claus Moser

Our Training


Preschool teachers need to be reflective, active and enthusiastic. They need to provide a setting that is cognitively challenging, engaging and appropriate. A teacher plays an integral role in modelling, providing examples and carefully developing questions that engage and support the learning process.  An early childhood educator plays an important role in facilitating and extending the learning and development of children as the young learners need to be stimulated, challenged and supported in a secure and positive learning environment.

Mentor the Mentors Program is designed to inspire and empower Early childhood educators with the essential know-how and various innovative teaching techniques, that will go a long way in enabling them to nurture the child’s creativity whilst equipping their young learners with basic skills and competencies.

The Mentors will be Mentored in,

  • Implementation of the curriculum.
  • Child Psychology & Child Behavior management.
  • Assessments- How to measure student progress.
  • Rubrics – A tool for comprehensive evaluation.
  • Language skills
  • Different Methodologies – Multiple Intelligence approach, CRE Approach, Whole language approach, Bloom’s Taxonomy.
  • Building Parent-teacher relationship.

Our Skills

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