About Us

Our Vision

Bluberry aims to create a world where every child will grow up to be a positive contributor to himself, the community and the country.

Our Mission

We seek to empower teacher development programs and support system by creating a multicultural environment to enable learning, develop an integrated curriculum with strong reasoning, creativity and social studies components. Also provide for children to become self-directed learners and share their enthusiasm for learning with mutual respect and appreciation.

What We Do

Bluberry is a preschool program which has been developed to equip children with skills like critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity. The main objective of this program is to help children stimulate their curiosity and develop their sense of confidence.

Key features

  • Integrated Curriculum covering various Pedagogy such as Multiple Intelligence, Blooms taxonomy, Active learning with a thematic approach.
  • Curriculum seeks to encourage greater participation of children in the process of constructing knowledge and building skills in the three domains of development- Conative, Affective and Cognitive.
  • Learning of different concepts through interactive sessions and hands on experiences.
  • Diverse activities to enable learners of different learning styles to understand the concepts.

Good habits and values instilled through various activities, stories etc.